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Director of Music and Worship in Severna Park, MD at The Archdiocese of Baltimore

Date Posted: 4/14/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

St. John the Evangelist Church, located in Severna Park, Maryland is seeking candidates for a Director of Music and Worship.  The Director of Music and Worship is responsible for assisting the parish clergy in caring for the overall liturgical life of the parish. The Director will be able to suitably accompany congregational and choral singing on the pipe organ and/or the piano.  The Director will have direct responsibility for the direction and rehearsal of several of the parish's music ministries and oversight of the remainder. Currently, St. John's music ministry is comprised of a traditional choir, funeral choir, contemporary ensemble, praise and worship group, children's choir program, handbell choir, and several cantors. These ministries are comprised of volunteers. The Director will also be engaged in liturgical planning in the parish.


  • 1984 II-24 Wicks Pipe Organ (church)
  • Baby Grand Piano (church)
  • Upright Piano (practice room)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for arranging for music for all liturgical and extra-liturgical services at St. John the Evangelist: weekend and holy day masses; Confirmation, First Communion and Penance Services; civic holidays; prayer services and devotions, such as Stations of the Cross, Benediction, parish missions, Marian devotions, parish and staff retreat and leadership development days, etc.
  • Providing direction and accompaniment for the traditional choir and cantors and/or the contemporary ensemble and praise and worship group depending on the Director's areas of competence (with recruitment of leadership for other groups as needed)
  • Provide support and oversight for other music ministries: children's choir, handbell choir, and music for school masses
  • Provide accompaniment for weddings and funerals (with additional pay) as well as direction of the funeral choir; arranging cantors for weddings and funerals
  • Conduct regular rehearsals with all instrumentalists, vocalists, and choirs over which the Director provides direct leadership
  • Recruits, trains, and appreciates vocalists and musicians for the various music ministries
  • Coordinates and arranges for additional musicians and ensures quality of musical performance for masses and events in which they minister
  • Arranges, transposes, and composes materials as needed or required
  • Assists in the preparation for weddings and funerals by meeting with couples and families to plan music for the liturgical services
  • Assist parish clergy in singing the Mass according to the chants in the Roman Missal and instructs them in vocal techniques
  • Oversees the maintenance and assures the regular tuning of the parish's pipe organ and pianos

Worship Responsibilities:

  • Collaboratively engages in the planning for liturgical seasons, with particular emphasis on insuring that music and message are aligned, particularly when the homilists are engaged in an ongoing preaching series
  • Creates, formats, and produces attractive and useful programs for various liturgical services, with proper respect given to all pertinent copyright laws
  • Prepares an annual liturgical calendar in collaboration with parish staff and the pastor
  • Serves as a resource in planning music, in collaboration with the Office of Faith Formation, for liturgies connected to the celebrations of First Penance, First Eucharist, and Confirmation
  • Provides for music for school liturgies and acts as a resource for school faculty in the preparation of school Masses and services
  • Oversees the scheduling and training of leaders of song/cantors
  • Reviews and evaluates the overall quality of liturgical and musical programs and makes specific recommendations to the pastor and parish leadership
  • Insures that all general liturgical items (music lists, liturgical binders with Universal Prayer, Announcements, seasonal options) are in place for all weekend, holy day, and special liturgies

Other Responsibilities:

  • Attends gatherings of staff as requested
  • Provides a visible, accessible presence at parish events
  • Demonstrates a concern for parishioner input
  • Displays a commitment to quality worship, with an openness to a variety of styles of music including traditional hymnody, chant, contemporary / praise and worship music, etc.
  • Provides a regular update on the status of the parish's liturgical life to parish leadership
  • Prepares an annual budget for music and worship for submission to the Parish Finance Council


  • Willingness and available to work evenings and weekends
  • Has flexibility with one's work schedule, particularly for Holy Days and special events
  • Successfully passes a criminal background check as well as completes VIRTUS training for the protection of children and vulnerable adults
  • Supports the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and is committed to the mission of St. John the Evangelist parish "to form disciples of Jesus Christ who joyfully live out the Gospel," with a primary emphasis on evangelization
  • Lives a life in conformity with Catholic teaching and embraces the role of serving as a public minister of the Church and representative of the parish

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Music or a related field required, (or equivalent experience, or certification through the American Guild of Organists, National Association of Pastoral Musicians, or other such organization) and a strong knowledge of Catholic worship and liturgy
  • Experience in conducting and performing sacred music including, but not limited to, chant, polyphony, hymnody, and other choral works
  • Proficient organ and piano abilities in solo works, accompanying, and improvisation
  • Ability to lead music with guitar is desirable but not required
  • Experience in training singers, particularly members of ensembles and as cantors
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office, Publisher, music writing/editing software, etc.)
  • Exemplary communication skills
  • Broad knowledge of various musical styles, including, but not limited to hymnody, chant, contemporary music and praise and worship music
  • Basic working knowledge of audio system functions
  • Minimum three years' experience preferred